Preventing Nuclear Fallout in Lewisville

Yes, there was a threat of a nuclear bomb in America. Yes, my friends and I disarmed it on a daring mission as it hurtled through California on a high speed train. It was very heroic. We’re expecting a movie deal shortly.

You’re welcome.

Just kidding. We did disarm a nuclear bomb, but it was in an ESCAPE ROOM! Heard of those yet? They’re becoming more and more popular as word spreads. I’d heard everything from rave reviews about how intriguing and challenging they are to people turning up their noses at the absurdity of paying someone to lock you in a room for an hour.

I was one of those intrigued, but it wasn’t exactly high on my to-do list. My boyfriend, however, booked an 8-person room at Escape Rooms HQ in Lewisville for my birthday!! (and then tried to keep it a secret, God bless him). They have one location in Lewisville and another in Las Colinas, both offering different puzzle rooms. Each room has its own plot and percentage scale of skills needed. Our room was called “Nuclear Shuttle” and required 30% Creativity, 30% Logic, 10% Math, and 30% Observation. In other words, a little bit of everything. Just . . . general intelligence.


We started in the first room, reading everything on the walls, scanning everything with the UV flashlights we were given, opening everything, turning everything over. There were key pads, locked safes, locked wooden crates, the works! Eventually we found enough codes and hidden keys to unlock the second door to a lab, and then the third door which lead to the room with the bomb. The final step was finding the code that disarmed the bomb and stopped the timer (I’m trying not to go into too much detail). I solved one of the puzzles in the third room, which tickled me pink, since I’m usually laughably devoid of any sort of problem-solving skills. I’m working on it.

We disarmed the bomb with 10 minutes to spare, and while there were some frustrating moments, it ended up being a ton of fun!! However, although I loved being with all of my friends, I might recommend going with a smaller group. I’d imagine we might have finished sooner if we had had 3 or 4 people working cohesively rather than 8 people all trying to prove that their rabbit hole was the right one.

escaperoom group

The Lewisville location also offers rooms called “Code Back Lash”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, and “Crime Scene”. Las Colinas has rooms calls “End Run”, “Country Club Heist”, and “Corporation of D.O.O.M.”.

Whichever one you choose, I highly suggest you end the night at a nearby bar, devouring cheese fries and Vegas Bombs, challenging everyone you meet to a game of pool.

No? Just me? Hm.

I know that I’m posting this blog after quite a long absence, but a recent trip to Ireland has inspired me to start wandering again. There will definitely be more to come as I continue to wander around DFW and beyond with my broken compass.




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