Climbing to New Heights in Downtown Carrollton

My first adventure! Not ever, of course, but the first I’ve ever blogged about. Some work buddies and I hopped on the A-Line Train in Lewisville and rode it to Downtown Carrollton. Half way through out trip, we had to get off and switch to the Dart Line which proved slightly confusing at first. However, it wasn’t until after we got off at our final destination that I realized just how simple our trip had been. Nothing like a bit perspective to make you feel like a complete moron.

There were two parts to our adventure. The first was a 4-block walk from the train station, through an adorably rustic town square, to North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center. It was originally built as a silo and was a PERFECT place to set up a rock climbing business. There were multiple smaller concrete silos inside this giant building, each with hand-holds drilled into the walls, some going all the way up. It’s $15 for the day (gear included).

This gym is different from others in one major way. It’s very hole-in-the-wall (one of the reasons I love it so much), and not for the faint of heart. See, the first time you go, you take an intro course ($8) where they teach you how to tie your own harness and belay your partner. From then on, YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN!! You and your partner spend the rest of the day climbing the silos by yourselves. Alone. Without supervision. You even sign a form at the very beginning agreeing that, if you fall, it’s not their fault. And this building is 13 stories! Meaning that the tallest wall you can climb is 120 feet! If you fall, you die. So, the key to not falling (aka staying alive) is paying close attention during the intro class.

Now, unless you’re petrified of heights, this whole endeavor isn’t nearly as horrifying as I’m making it sound. Everything they teach you in the intro class, though essential, is very easy. I’d never (successfully) rock climbed before and was so nervous, but I ended up having the best time.

SO much fun, in fact, that I completely forgot to take pictures of the inside of the building. The only one I got of all of us was right before we left. Hopefully, the background shows you a little of what it was like.

work friends rockclimbing

The second part of our adventure was walking from the climbing gyp to Babe’s Chicken Dinner House (about 2 blocks). It’s very laid back, and the menu is very simple. Everyone in the group picks a meat (smoked chicken, grilled chicken, fried chicken, chicken tenders, or grilled catfish), and with it, the waiter brings out never-ending mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, biscuits, and cream corn. I’m not a huge fan of corn in general, but the rest of their table lost their minds over the cream corn and went through 3 bowls. I’m the loser who goes to a chicken joint and gets catfish-but ya know what-it was DELISCIOUS!! Never pass up good fish when you can get it. It’s so much healthier than chicken, anyway.

I got water with my meal, and my bill came out to be about $14 minus the tip. Not bad for all you can eat sides. And, with the all-inclusive fee and intro class at the rock climbing gyp coming out to around $22 and an all day train pass at $6, that’s $42 for an entire day out with friends. By my budget, that’s pretty good!

If you live in the DFW area, or are even just visiting, these are two places you’ve GOTTA stop by!

North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center:

Babe’s Chicken Dinner House:


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