Ye’ Old Day Off

There's always a feeling of anticipation when a new season is right around the corner. Winter reminds us of cozy nights by the fire, snowball fights, and mistletoe. Summer daydreams are all of sandy beaches and bonfires. Fall brings about crisp memories of falling leaves, Halloween costumes, and really just . . . the color orange. And pumpkin …

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Preventing Nuclear Fallout in Lewisville

Yes, there was a threat of a nuclear bomb in America. Yes, my friends and I disarmed it on a daring mission as it hurtled through California on a high speed train. It was very heroic. We're expecting a movie deal shortly. You're welcome. Just kidding. We did disarm a nuclear bomb, but it was in …

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Climbing to New Heights in Downtown Carrollton

My first adventure! Not ever, of course, but the first I've ever blogged about. Some work buddies and I hopped on the A-Line Train in Lewisville and rode it to Downtown Carrollton. Half way through out trip, we had to get off and switch to the Dart Line which proved slightly confusing at first. However, …

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